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 Power or Manual Angle – without leaving your seat!


Gets Into Tight Spots

Pile it High!

The Chinook Fork Plow can be attached to any Lift Truck ranging from 1500 lb to 10,000 lb with solid or pneumatic tires; diesel, gas or electric.

Available in two models; power angle which utilizes the Forklifts’ side shift hydraulics or a manual angle model angling the Snow Blade from the cab.

The Chinook Forklift Attachments easily attach to your existing Fork Lift Truck, so there’s no need for another Snow Plowing vehicle. Lift Trucks used for daily operations quickly switch from working inside, to Snow Removal outside. And, it’s as easy as picking up a pallet.

You may be thinking, it’s not possible to Plow Snow with a Forklift, right? Well, maybe an inch or two? The fact is, Fork Trucks glide through the Snow. The torque, inertia and agility of Lift Trucks actually make them excellent for Snow Plowing, providing there’s traction. Don’t worry, we’ve solved that problem. See it for yourself in the video above!

New this Season

We’ve incorporated the ability to add a 250lb weight block for traction (under $25), without adding weight to the plow blade. This weight, may be all you need for traction. However utilizing the Tire Traction Screws we offer (as seen in the video), chains or cables in conjunction with this additional weight to the drive wheels, provides the ultimate traction.

Handles Deep Snow

Pivots Along the Ground


Solves All Your Snow Removal Headaches!

Don’t wait for a Snow Plowing Service – Plow whenever you want to!



                                                                  Slips On and Off with ease

                                                                  Keep Entrances & Exits clear

                                                                  Why pay to plow an inch or two?

                                                                  Start Plowing the Minute you get it


Chinook Fork Plow does it all – From backdragging to getting into
those difficult places to plow!