A “Serious” Snow Plowing Machine!

Fork trucks operate very similar to a bobcat. You sit up high with great visibility overlooking the entire forklift blade, not to mention the unmatched maneuverability. Because forklifts are not very wide, as you turn sharp the rear wheels won’t be dragged through unplowed snow. Tough? They are more than tough and cruise through the snow at a plenty fast pace.

Pickup trucks have limited agility and visibility. The more snow you get, the smaller your parking area becomes. Loader buckets fill and spill over, that means lots of trips and lots of fuel. Skid Steers with buckets are inefficient and the high revving jerky motion we can live without. But, with a snow blade, now you’re getting somewhere.


Watch How to Turn Your Forklift Into the Ultimate Snow Machine

Why don’t you see snowplows on forklifts?

Because no one Answered the Questions…

  1. Why can’t a regular fork truck be driven in the snow?
  2. What size should the plow blade be? Should it angle?
  3. How do you simply operate it from the cab?

When you factor in the agility of a fork truck, it’s quite likely the most versatile Snow Removal Machine out there!


Power or Manual Angle without leaving your seat

Pile it Up!
Handles Deep Snow
Get’s Into Tight Spots
Pivots Along the Ground

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