Chinook Fork Plow – The Ultimate Snowplowing Machine!

Chinook fork plow

The Chinook Forklift Snowplow Attachment turns any size forklift into the “Ultimate” snow plowing machine.

The Chinook plow isn’t just a curved piece of steel mounted to the tips of the forks. It’s designed to move lots of snow, with NO worries of hitting obstacles such as Curb Stones or Manhole Covers. We built it rugged, with a Trip Edge blade that hinges back while the plow blade jumps up over the obstacle.

Load stresses are where they belong at the rear of the forks. You can see the quality, and we’ve included all the bells and whistles such as power or manual angle from the cab!

 Power or Manual Angle – without leaving your seat! Ships 1-2 days.

Why haven’t you seen a snowplow on a forklift?

You couldn’t drive a forklift outside in winter, UNTIL NOW!

We’ve solved the traction problem.

The Solution? Tire Traction Screws (carbide tipped). Not only will you be able to plow a ton of snow, but you’ll be able to drive your forklift inside or out, year round. So, forget chains and say hello to a smooth ride as your tires grip the ice and snow.

More Reasons to choose the Chinook Fork Plow

Pickup trucks have limited agility and visibility. And the more snow you get, the smaller your parking area becomes. Loader buckets fill and spill over, that means lots of trips and lots of fuel. Skid Steers with buckets are inefficient, but with a snow blade, now you’re getting somewhere. Still, the high revving jerky motion, we can live without.

Interestingly, fork trucks operate very similar to a bobcat. You sit up high with great visibility, overlooking the entire forklift blade. With smooth, dare we say, unmatched maneuverability. And because forklifts are not very wide, as you turn sharp, the rear wheels won’t be dragged through unplowed snow. Tough? They are more than tough and cruise through the snow, at a plenty fast pace. (As seen in our video) As a matter of fact, you’ll probably be done snowplowing as soon, if not sooner, as you would using anything else. Plus – they’re fun!

Fork lift plow gets into tight spots
Gets Into Tight Spots

fork lift plow piles the snow high
Pile it High!

forklift plow pivots along the ground
Pivots Along the Ground

handles deep snow
Handles Deep Snow

You’ve already got the expensive part: the forklift!

With the Chinook forklift snowplow, you can push snow way beyond the edge of your parking area, piling it as high as your forks will go. You can get in and out of areas you wouldn’t dream of with a pickup truck. And, it will make short work of those larger open areas, especially with the optional (clip-on) plow wings, turning the 7 foot plow into a 9 footer.

The Chinook plow is designed to work on any forklift with a lifting capacity of 1500 lbs. to 10,000 lbs., having solid or pneumatic tires, gas, diesel or electric.

I just plowed 2 feet of snow. I love this thing. It’s incredible. Like you said, traction’s no problem with the tire screws!

Rocco A. – New Jersey
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We can’t believe how well the plow works and the tire screws are awesome. It’s everything you say it is and it’s fun!

Pepsico -NH

Our Commitment to You!

If you don’t love it, we’ll take it back. Simple as that!

Chinook Fork Plow does it all.

It can back drag and get into all those difficult places to plow! Whether you need the ultimate forklift traction or the ultimate way to move snow, you’ve come to the right place!

Order Your Chinook Forklift Plow

  • Snow Removal Made Easy & Fun
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