About Chinook Fork Plow

Seems as though our New Hampshire company had every plowing issue you can think of:

  • We had limited space to put the snow, especially if it was a big snow year.
  • There was not a lot of maneuvering room for a traditional plow truck.
  • Timing was an issue. We chose to hire out our snow plowing.
  • Certain areas had to be hand shoveled. If no one shoveled, it could freeze.

History of our Snow Removal Solution

For more than 20 years in the manufacturing business, we faced the snow season with the same headaches year after year. Should we buy a plow truck and maintain another vehicle? Do we hire someone that comes at their convenience and does a mediocre job?

We questioned how well our first forklift snow plow prototype would work (if it would work at all). We were surprised with our initial success. There were issues, but we kept working on solutions. We finally reached the point where it worked so well that, whenever I plowed, I thought to myself, “This is amazing! We should offer this fork plow to others.”

Our “Original Plow Design” was close, but nothing compares to our current “Trip Edge” model.

It is so popular that many customers purchase more than one plow.

Here’s a few of our favorite customers:

  • EECOL Electric, BASF, Iowa Interstate Railroad, Parr Lumber
  • Prudential Stainless, Western Building Centers, Express Energy
  • Kennecott Utah Copper, Universal Forest Products Inc., Jefferson Elora Corp
  • US Air Force, Aluwind, U.S. Army Fort Knox

Chinook Fork Plow ships throughout the US and Canada.

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