Customer Testimonials

Rocco A. owns a Precast Terrazzo & Marble Company and called us right before Christmas to let us know he received his Hydraulic Angle Plow.

“I can tell you put a lot of thought into the design and all the parts were laser cut. I know because we cut our marble here with a water jet. I’m impressed; I wasn’t expecting it to be so well made.”

During our conversation, Rocco kept eluding to the fact that he was nervous about how well it would work. We discussed the tire traction screws he purchased.

“Do these screws really work?”
“Yes, put a couple in each tread and you’ll be fine.”

Just after Christmas the East Coast was hit with a blizzard. Roccos’ area of NJ was buried. A day later we got a phone call.

“This is Rocco, I just plowed 2 feet of snow! I can’t believe it. This thing is incredible!  I love it!  I really thought I’d get stuck.”

He was excited about being able to keep his driveway clear for his customers and deliveries. He went on to explain how he needs access to his outdoor inventory of marble.

“One slab could be worth $10 – $15,000; we had to hand shovel around them. But with this plow it’s great, I can get right in close. Who would ever think a forklift could plow snow like this thing does!”

He ended the conversation by saying, “It’s really unusual to buy a product that works the way a company claims, I couldn’t be happier!”

Rocco A.,
Precast Terrazzo & Marble Company

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