A “Serious” Snow Plowing Machine!

Our first plow was a 1 foot tall and 5 foot wide, fixed straight blade. It wasn’t very efficient. It needed to be bigger, and it needed to angle.

So we built a larger manual angle, but spent too much time angling VS time plowing. If it doesn’t work correctly, no one wants to plow.

That’s the reason you’ve never seen a plow on a forklift! No one ever built one that works, at least not the way you would like.

But as you’ve just witnessed, we cracked the code with our “Power Angle” model.

We do offer a manual model, that can be angled from the cab. We offer it for those that don’t have a side-shift or other hydraulic port on their machine. We used that model here in our yard for one full season as well as on and off testing over many years. It’s the same as our “Power Angle” model, just without the hydraulics. But Seriously, if you have a sideshift or some other hyd port on your lift, you’ll want the “Power Angle” option. 

Plows come fully assembled allowing you to plow the moment it arrives.
Hooking up the hydraulics is simple and we’ll be right here to show you how!

We designed the plow to be rugged and cost effective to manufacture, allowing us to offer it to you at a fair price. 
  •  We powder coat them for the best finish
  •  Shipped business to business and packaged in a way that protects them from damage and get us the lowest shipping rates
  • Total cost shipped to you is about what you would have to pay to put a plow on a pickup…
Looking at it longer term, with a little care, there’s no reason it won’t still be plowing, 10, 20 years from now, and longer!
Finally one piece of equipment to do it all, and you already own the expensive part – The Forklift!
Our Commitment To You: Receive shipment, wait for the storm to hit, plow your yard, then decide…
If you don’t love it, we’ll take it back. Simple as that!
Solve Your Snow Removal Headaches!


Watch How to Turn Your Forklift Into the Ultimate Snow Machine

Why don’t you see snowplows on forklifts?

Because no one Answered the Questions…

  1. Why can’t a regular fork truck be driven in the snow?
  2. What size should the plow blade be? Should it angle?
  3. How do you simply operate it from the cab?

What’s crazy is, when you factor in the agility of a fork truck, it’s quite likely the most versatile Snow Removal Machine out there!

Solve Your Snow Removal Headaches!

Power or Manual Angle without leaving your seat

Pile it Up!
Handles Deep Snow
Get’s Into Tight Spots
Pivots Along the Ground

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Our Commitment to You!

If you don’t love it, we’ll take it back. Simple as that!
Solve Your Snow Removal Headaches!