12 volt Hydraulic Power Angle – Trip Edge Plow

Your choice of 6ft or 7ft plow blade, 26″ tall. Fully angled this plow will clear a path 5ft or 6ft respectively.

Plows come fully assembled allowing you to plow the moment it arrives. Just attach it to your battery and it’s ready to angle!

  • Commercial Grade Construction 
  • Rugged design for employee use
Prices are for Forks up to 6″ x 2″ x 48″
(Larger sizes are available)

or call to order 888-552-2997

  •  We powder coat them for the best finish
  •  Shipped business to business and packaged in a way that protects them from damage and get us the lowest shipping rates
  • We designed the plow to be rugged and cost effective to manufacture, allowing us to offer it to you at a fair price.

Having Trouble Driving your Forklift in Winter Conditions?

These traction screws are the solution!

You’ll never drive in winter without them again.

  • For Solid or Pneumatic Tires
  • Recommended 2 or 3 screws per tread
  • Easy to install and remove using a power drill

or call to order 888-552-2997

Standard Grip
.95¢ each

Super Grip
$1.05 each

Forklift Snow Plow Accessories

Plow Wings

  • Plow a huge swath of snow and minimize trail-off.
  • Convert your 7ft plow to 9ft with plow wings!
  • Quick clip them on or off.

Search online for Buyers Pro Wings
Slight modification to the plow wings is required to fit our 6′ model

Weight Block

The fork tubes are ready to add 250 lbs. All parts available at The Home Depot.


Forklift Covers

  • Heavy Duty XT hooks lock the Atrium down in place.
  • Roll up the doors and affix into place for those mild weather days.
  • Easy access zippered doors allow the operator to move freely in and out of fork lift.

After a winter storm, the weather is usually beautiful. But for those who would like some protection, here are some great fork lift covers.

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Shipped Direct – No Middle Man – Fully Assembled

We Ship Direct to USA and Canada
FOB New Hampshire
Your Carrier or Ours
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